Fulbright Research Scholar (Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, Florianopolis) in partnership with the Museu do Indio, and FIOCRUZ in Rio de Janeiro, in the development and implementation of the first cloud-based audiovisual archive of the Xavante indigenous tribe in the village of Pimentel Barbosa in Mato Grosso. Editor of short video pieces shot by Xavante Indians to be used in a Museu do Indio Exhibit presenting the Xavante Masks Ceremony.  (2015-2017)

Media Producer, Editor


Dr. James R. Welch, FIOCRUZ

Dr. Carlos Coimbra, FIOCRUZ

Museú do Indio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Prof. Esther Jean Langdon UFSC - Universidade Federal Santa Catarina